Feel the Sami culture!

A long history lies behind every one of our handcrafted items.  Our traditions are embedded in our textiles, abstract designs, and motifs based on nature.  We add new items and styles to our shop all the time so visit us often to see what's new.

Our S├ími culture is based on hundreds of years of history and tradition, and it is these traditions that inspire all our handcrafted products.  We combine age-old methods and new materials to create a range of bags, ceramics, fashion accessories, clothing and artwork.  Likewise, we believe in re-enabling some of today's materials by finding new ways to use them in our products.    Some items are one-of-a-kind while others have a wider range of availability.    Our handicraft shop is located next door to Villa Lanca in Inari  so visitors will have the opportunity to see them  in reality.  If, however, you have any questions regarding the items seen here, please send us an Email and we will be happy to respond. 

Do you want to know more about our handicrafts?  Then please fill out this form and send us your questions.  We promised to answer as quickly as possible!