We want to be called "S├ími" or "Saami" and are often known in English as "Lapps" or "Laplanders".  Our indigenous people inhabit the Arctic area that encompasses parts of  northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Russian Kola Peninsula.  We  are the only indigenous people of Scandinavia; we are  the northernmost indigenous people of Europe, and are recognized and  protected under the international conventions of indigenous peoples.   Our ancestral lands extend over  approximately 388,000 sq. km.,  or 150,000 sq. mi., almost equal to the size of Norway.    There are more than 10 Sami languages and have been  categorized as part of the Fenno Hungarian language family.

For centuries our people have survived through hunting andl fishing along with the  more nomadic lifestyle of reindeer herding .  Today only about 10% of  Samis are dedicated to reindeer hering even though these animals provide food, fur and a form of transportation, and for cultural, environmental, traditional and political reasons,  reindeer herding in certain regions is legally reserved for our people.

Although there  are many people who are using the Sami culture as a touristic attraction for Finland,  we and our team are the one of the very few people who are truly indigenous; thus we celebrate our traditions and happily introduce our lifestyle to  visitors from around the world.           Our land is full of mystery and natural beauty - witnessing the  Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the "Northern Lights"  in an environment of snowy tranquility defies description:  it must be experienced.     And let is not be said that Winter  is the only time to visit - Summer and Autumn are fresh and beautiful with numerous  activities to be enjoyed.

We invite you to visit us at any time of the year - we can promise you an experience of a lifetime!

If you have any questions,  you may send us an E-mail:  inquire@visit-lapland.com

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