Our carefully kept, old Sámi farm is just 8 km from the center of Inari village......

We are fully living the new millennium but also remembering to respect what is  old and beautiful.   Since 1998 our activities have been attractive to a selected number of visitors, people who appreciate personalized  service  - often with interesting stories and good humor.

After 15 years without a road, we got updated and a beautiful little road to our farm was made. With easier coming and going, we decided to open all doors and windows to all visitors that want to feel the real and authentic spirit of the Arctic. With one of our experienced guides it is a great and unique pleasure to reach such a remote part of nature! Travel guides that have recommended us have more information:

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MUDDUS LAKE - History and Drama

Our farm is located along the Muddus lake which is the second biggest lake in the Inari area. Even though it has a huge amount of water it has been able to keep its natural conditions, unlike Lake Inari which is controlled by water power production. In  nature and in  all the lakes we can still see the effect of the Ice Age. Years ago when the huge ice plateau was moving and started to melt, it formed everything to go  in the southwest to northeast directions. Still today you can see the direction of the moving ice just by looking at a map. Also, many large stones and rocks have been “dropped” around nature as an effect of the melting ice that also transported huge amounts of earth material.

Muddus Lake is a very good fishing lake. We  have white fish, trout, graylings, Arctic chars, pikes, peaches, and of course lake salmon.

It also hosts many important sacred places.  Still today people visit there, having a little moment of    quiet reflection,  making a fire, eating their picnic and just admiring the specialty of  nature. We belive that a holy place keeps its power as long as it is visited and people keep speaking about it.  It is always a good idea to bring a little gift for the local god in exchange for your special wish.

Many lakes in Lapland have  famous stories of people just disappearing...perhaps  they drowned, they escaped from somewhere, met mermaids and so on.     Muddus Lake has it’s own special story about love!   On the easten side of the lake between the huge island and mainland is one of the rear inland fjords.  The story goes  that a very beautiful Sami girl named “Sigga” had two men who wanted to  marry her.  Both men were good and handsome, rich reindeer owners and clever fishermen. But Sigga was really proud and wanted to go further than just considering their wealth.  She liked both man and could not make up her mind.  Finally she ordered both men to the opposite side of the fjord to shoot with a arrow and bow.  The one who would survive would be good enough to become her husband.    The competition started and the men started shooting. Each man received an arrow thru his heart at the same time and both died.   The gods got very angry with Sigga and ordered her to stay alone her whole life, thus giving  tears to mermaids.  Still today you might hear a quiet crying from Sigga. She  still walks around, taking care of the graves of  the men that died because she was not able to make a decision.

Modern day Inari has a population of approximately 650 people.  Inari hosts the Saami Parliament and famous Siida Museum, a center for Finnish Sámis, although only 50% of the population are Sámis.  Tourism has become a very important money-making business but there are still reindeer herders and some professional fishermen.  There is a Sámi school for learning our indigenous handicrafts and traditions (saamelaisalueenkoulutuskeskus).   There is also a primary school and college, two supermarkets, handicraft shops, hotels, restaurants, two gasoline stations - basically, all that a traveller would need - except there are no banks.